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We are the world’s leading crane manufacturers and service providers around the world. For meeting a variety of industrial applications, Eurohoist brings forward a wide range of lifting solutions. Main products of our company include Factory Cranes, Portal Cranes, Wire Rope Electric Hoists, Electric Chain Hoists, Jib Cranes and other needs to the carriage of special cargo. Extensive crane experience and continuing product development, we can provide our customers with these features of cranes: lightweight, low headroom, safety, reliability, excellent performance and efficient operation which can overcome various challenging and complex working conditions. These features will bring a series of desirable outcomes to our users such as decreasing plant investment, improving production efficiency, reducing daily maintenances, lowering energy consumption and getting better investment return

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EUROHOIST(SHANGHAI) CO., LTD is committed to continuously improving the health and safety culture and set it as the basic statutory norm. For all programs, this company is dedicated to maintaining its practicality and keeping perfection and innovation. OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and SafetyThis is achieved by reviewing the setting of key performance of indicators (KPI), targets, instructions and health& safety management system. Employees’ Health and Safety carries us towards a successful future.


EUROHOIST(SHANGHAI) CO., LTD believes that nothing is more significant than a safe operation. Our philosophy is that we must produce safe and reliable products which cannot harm anybody, no matter who the objects are our staffs, contractors, clients or members of the public.

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