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Eurohoist Crane Equipment ranges from 60 kg to 600 tons or more, which is capable of meeting customers’ needs in different working conditions. Besides, Eurohoist service model brings one-stop solutions to our clients. Especially in the aspect of our technology, we are continuously making new ideas, improving product quality and perfect service system because cost saving, efficiency improvement and value creation for our customers is our long-standing target. Our lifting equipment includes Electric Chain Hoist, Steel-wire Rope Type Electric Hoist, Electrical Open Winch, Single and Double Girder Bridge Crane, Portal Crane, General-purpose Overhead Crane, Light Crane systems, Slewig Jib Crane, Explosion-proof Hoist, Explosion-proof Crane, Manual Products, etc. Otherwise, in the aspect of cargo transportation, we can also provide customers with a complete set of competitive material handling solutions



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Fully automatic Waste treatment crane


The electrical equipment used by Eurohoist's garbage grab cranes is designed in accordance with ISO, FEM, EN, VDE, IEC, DIN and other requirements. The components used in the equipment are mature and reliable products that have been applied for decades. A sufficient load margin is reserved in the design to ensure safe and reliable operation in working conditions. Our supporting electrical components are selected after the safe application of similar products for decades and hundreds of units. The accumulated practical experience is the type that is fully suitable. Environmental and operating conditions of the dump.
Our Fully automatic Waste treatment crane, in fully automatic mode, the garbage crane can work simultaneously with each hopper or each bridge can feed two hoppers at the same time. These modes will be selected from the range of checkpoints. When running in automatic mode, the bridge crane will begin to sweep and measure the undulations of the pit material, and then collect the material from the highest level to the hopper.
Tailor-made fully automatic garbage crane
Eurohoist mainly uses self-developed and designed components, and also uses commercial components to maximize component interchangeability to reduce user concerns and uncontrollable risks. Because we are convinced: Eurohoist's quotation scheme is designed to provide high-quality and high value-added products and services, minimize risks, optimize performance, and improve user experience. In order to meet the needs of customers in various waste production lines, Eurohoist brings you the world's best engineering experience and a professional team.
From the design stage, we provide customized solutions for our customers. We can provide all types of cranes required in typical projects in various industries, according to the complete process requirements provided by customers, and a full range of best solutions
The most advanced fully automatic solution





  SUS Environment

  Spain Fully Automatic Garbage Crane

  Domestic Waste Comprehensive Treatment Plant (Tianjin)

  Guangzhou No.5 Resources Thermal Power Plant Phase II Project




  Leizhou Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant





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