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Eurohoist Crane Equipment ranges from 60 kg to 600 tons or more, which is capable of meeting customers’ needs in different working conditions. Besides, Eurohoist service model brings one-stop solutions to our clients. Especially in the aspect of our technology, we are continuously making new ideas, improving product quality and perfect service system because cost saving, efficiency improvement and value creation for our customers is our long-standing target. Our lifting equipment includes Electric Chain Hoist, Steel-wire Rope Type Electric Hoist, Electrical Open Winch, Single and Double Girder Bridge Crane, Portal Crane, General-purpose Overhead Crane, Light Crane systems, Slewig Jib Crane, Explosion-proof Hoist, Explosion-proof Crane, Manual Products, etc. Otherwise, in the aspect of cargo transportation, we can also provide customers with a complete set of competitive material handling solutions



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The best solution for warehouse terminals


Pedestal Mounted Crane
Portal cranes, also known as gantry cranes or giant cranes, which installed and run on the ground tracks, rather than bridge cranes with gantry support systems.
Semi-Portal cranes are equipped with ground rails and structurally installed rails.
We have Portal cranes ranging from single girder 1T and up to 25T and double girder solutions which up to 400T.
We also manufactures a series of custom-designed Portal cranes to meet specific clients' applications.
The single-beam structure crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 30 tons, while the double-beam structure crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tons.
Single Girder construction all capacities up to 30t. Double Girder construction all capacities up to 250T. This type of crane is sometimes referred to as a"Goliath" crane and they can be big. However we make little ones too with capacities ranging from 1t through to 250t. The computer optimised and modular structures have been developed by our talented design team using advanced finite element analysis toensure stability and eficient strength to weight ratio.
Portal cranes are ideal for outdoor applications such asstockyards where they provide lifting and transportationwithout the cost of a building structure. They also providethe best solutions indoors where existing structures arenot suitable for the loads imposed by overhead cranes orwhere additional supporting steelwork would result in lossof floor area.




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