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Eurohoist Crane Equipment ranges from 60 kg to 600 tons or more, which is capable of meeting customers’ needs in different working conditions. Besides, Eurohoist service model brings one-stop solutions to our clients. Especially in the aspect of our technology, we are continuously making new ideas, improving product quality and perfect service system because cost saving, efficiency improvement and value creation for our customers is our long-standing target. Our lifting equipment includes Electric Chain Hoist, Steel-wire Rope Type Electric Hoist, Electrical Open Winch, Single and Double Girder Bridge Crane, Portal Crane, General-purpose Overhead Crane, Light Crane systems, Slewig Jib Crane, Explosion-proof Hoist, Explosion-proof Crane, Manual Products, etc. Otherwise, in the aspect of cargo transportation, we can also provide customers with a complete set of competitive material handling solutions



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Superior performance and stability


Assortment of industry-leading cranes
Using a modular design based on pre-designed and customized components, we can provide a wide range of highly reliable cranes with capacities from 125 kg to up to 600T SWL, with competitive
prices and very fast delivery time.
Our standard crane range uses our super efficient LX chain electric hoist and our highly advanced ZX wire rope electric hoist single beam, double beams and suspension structure.
Overhead traveling cranes are also known as bridge cranes, especially in the US market.
Industry-leading cranes
General-purpose overhead cranes are also known as bridge cranes. All Eurohoist's cranes are manufactured using components based on modular pre-design and customized designs.
Lifting capacity from 500kg to 600T SWL. Our competitive prices and very fast delivery time make us become the ideal option for choosing an overhead crane.
A series of our standard bridge crane use ultra-efficient LX chain rope electric hoist or our advanced ZX wire rope electric hoist single beam, double beams and suspension type. The distance of the top of the high-specification VX crane can satisfy a variety of special and demanding working conditions.




  Remote control of multiple single-beam cranes

  Aviation Manufacturing Facility

  Automatic steel coil travel

  87 ton power station crane





  Equipment maintenance

  Outdoor curing yard crane

  Voith Paper Mill

  Semi-automatic aluminum foil handling


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